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LC-2S/A V-Mount/Gold Mount Charger

◆ 2 channels simultaneous charger
◆ No adapter function
◆ V-Mount/Gold Mount  plate

LC-2S/A  is a portable 2-channel simultaneous charger for V-Mount/Gold Mount  batteries, which can automatically recognize the type of battery being charged Li-ion.
LC-2S/A can not be used as an AC adaptor.

Warranty Period: 1 years conditional





AC Input

90~240V 47~63Hz

Output Charging Terminals 1 & 2

16.8V 2.6A

Net Weight




Storage Environment

-20°C~55°C 45%~75%RH (<1year)

Working Environment

-10°C~45°C <85%RH

LC-2S For V-Mount Batteries

      LC-2A For Gold Mount Batteries


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