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L-URSA Mount

1. Remove Blackmagic URSA Broadcast’s Molex power cover is attached to the real panel by unscrewing the 4 corner screws with a Phillips head PH1 screwdriver. You’ll now see  Blackmagic URSA Broadcast’s 12-way Molex 55959-1230 power connector.
2. Connect LITH L-URSA’s Molex connector to the 12 way Molex 55959-1230 power connector.
3. Screw LITH L-URSA onto your Blackmagic URSA Broadcast’s plate mounting points using 4xM3 screws. Make sure the connector cable is tucked safely into the cable slot and not crushed between the plates when tightening.
With LITH L--URSA connected to your camera, you can now mount a V-mount battery.
Weight:Approx 0.16Kg

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