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L-155MS 155Wh V-Mount MINI Li-ion Battery

LITH newly launches L-155MS Li-ion professional camera battery. It adopts an innovative double housing structure. Inner housing isolates the cells from PCB, make the cells in good protection. 

Outer housing adopts high hardness PC material. 

The new structure makes the battery quite strong, anti-shock protects the battery from the drop-off accident.

Both D-tap and USB output connectors are equipped on top of the battery.

D-tap output support max 10A output, fit to power accessories like camera light, monitor, wireless transmission system, etc.

USB output is 5V, 2A, convenient to charge mobile phones, iPad, etc.







Battery Type V-Mount
Voltage 14.8V
Capacity 155Wh/10.5Ah
Max Output Total 150W,12A
Pins 150W,12A
D-Tap 120W,10A
USB 10W,2A
Operating Temperature -30°C ~ +50°C
Weight 0.83Kg
Dimension 130 x 90 x 59(mm)

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