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L-4SP(For Lith LT-F550/770/970,LH-D54S-D,SONY NP-F550/770/970 ,Panasonic CGA-D16S/28S/54S)

m4-channel charger designed for professional DV batteries. It can charge 4 batteries simultaneously. 
L-4SP is the charger for Lith LT-F550/770/970,LH-D54S-D.

Mount plate for L-4SP is universal for SONY NP-F550/770/970 ,Panasonic CGA-D16S/28S/54S.
It can charge these different model batteries at the same time.


AC Input

90~240V 47~63Hz

DC Output

8.4V 2.0A

Net Weight



 210x 138 x 77mm


Lith LT-F550/770/970,LH-D54S-D,

SONY NP-F550/770/970 ,Panasonic CGA-D16S/28S/54S

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